Live with Heart Award


A highlight for the Kittim N. Sherrod Foundation is its’ annual fundraiser in support of The Kittim N. Sherrod Annual “Live with Heart” Award.  This yearly cash award will be made to an outstanding varsity football player at Edison High School who exemplifies Kittim’s motto, “there is no success without determination”.

Requirements for the Live with Heart Award:
  1.     Must be a graduating senior varsity Edison High School football player.
  2.     Must be attending a secondary educational institution after graduation. eg; junior colleges, colleges, universities, tech or trade schools.
  3.     Must show proof from the registrar that they will be attending full-time.
  4.     A 1 page essay must be neatly written or typed on the topic “why do they feel that there is no success without determination & how it may apply to their own lives.
The essays are read by a special committee and the winner is presented with a Live with Heart certificate at the football/cheerleading banquet. The new recipients name is added to the award plaque showcased in the high school.
Once proof is shown that the recipient is registered as a full-time student, a check will be presented to them from the Foundation.


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Award Recipients

Tom Kuhn – 2010

Justin Eavey – 2011

Dan Sutherland – 2012

Ron Daniels – 2013

Kyle Boyer Tucker – 2014